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Movement Of Static - The passage

  October 22, 2018  ~    8.81 MB
Movement Of Static - The passage




|You remember every single detail…The day that you left everything behind, the wishes of your closest, the villages, the cities, the mountains, the seas…But your clearest memory is the path you chose|

Song title: The Passage
Artist: Movement of static
Album: Naegleria

The concept behind “Naegleria” is based on the journey to knowledge. From this journey you will be able to learn who you are and the reasons of your existence and how your existence interacts with the universe and nature.

The whole story takes place in two parallel dimensions. Dimension #1: Is the life that you already live. Dimension #2: Is a surreal story about a girl who traveled a long way to find an ancient secret about the meaning of life.

Every track of this album depends from the previous one and each one has its own story.

«The Passage»
At this time we are entering into the two parallel dimensions.

Dimension #1: This dimension represents the path you have to choose in your life. Which way to go in order to make your own way, to make your own history.

Dimension #2: There was a story! Someone, somewhere in time had said that there is a path. A path that will lead you to an ancient mountain. In that sacred mountain you will find the greatest answer of all.

Mastered by Exceptional Mastering
Drums recorded at Blueberry Productions Co.
Guitars & bass recorded at π2
Mixing and arrangements by Movement of static
Cover art by Eight Designs
Special thanks to Kiki Xenidou & Fotis Dardagiannopoulos.